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Smoky Mountain Pavilion



Weddings at Smoky Mountain Pavilion are truly a unique experience. With customizable packages able to lodge up to 90 of your guests right next door to the venue, this location sets the stage for an unbelievable mountain weekend!


You'll have access to the venue for the length of your stay directly from your cabin balcony, and your guests will enjoy a state-of-the-art luxury cabin complete with a private pool!


The Pavilion is a two story open air venue with an incredible view, and it accommodates both ceremony and reception for up to 70 guests. It's also commonly used for events throughout  the stay such as welcome dinners, brunches, family cook-outs, or the rehearsal!

Smoky Mtn Pavilion

is conveniently stationed between two of our LARGEST family cabins:


"Lodging together means more time actually together!"

That's right!

  • More shared meals

  • More laughs

  • More little moments

  • More memories!

It's your wedding, why waste time coordinating and commuting?

Skip the hotels! With Parkside, you'll see more of your loved ones.

  • Catch up with that old friend as you watch the sun rise over the mountains..  

  • Have a movie night with the kids in your grand theater room..

  • Soak in the hot tub before a night on the town.. 

This venue package has everything you need for those unforgettable moments!


Sleeps 50 Guests

Sleeps 40 Guests

For more cabin information including:

  • Amenities

  • Sleeping Arrangements

  • Availability

  • Rates

     & More​

Booking your family cabin...

Booking your family cabin for your wedding is simple:

  1. The couple pays a retainer to book and reserve the cabin of choice.

  2. We calculate the price per room for your specific dates.

  3. Your guest then simply call the front desk and book their room!

Everyone together, and less headache!

Have more guests to accomodate?

Not a problem! Simply vist ParksideResort.com to explore our amazing cabin selection!

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